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Caixin Global

Oct 12, 2021

 Report casts doubt whether the EV-maker “will ever sell a car;” several private lenders received record fines for misconduct; and coal prices swell after severe flooding shuts down mines

Oct 12, 2021

Plus, the causes of the power shortages; U.S. and Chinese trade chiefs hold online meeting; and concerns over contagion from the Evergrande crisis loom

Oct 11, 2021

Getting to the bottom of the power cuts; China revises its ‘negative list’; and the latest on Washington and Beijing’s attempts to resolve trade tensions

Oct 10, 2021

Hydropower-rich Yunnan is struggling to balance its longtime role as a source of cheap electricity with aspirations to build up its own manufacturing industry

Read the article by Luo Guoping, Chen Xuewan and Wang Jing: 

Oct 9, 2021

The scandal-plagued developer disguised debt as equity and acquisitions that have yet to be paid for.

Read the article by Wang Jing, Chen Bo, Yu Ning, Zhu Liangtao, Wang Juanjuan and Zhou Wenmin:

Narrated by: Nandini...