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China Business Insider - News From Caixin Global

Apr 30, 2020

In today’s episode: initial results from a U.S. study suggest the drug might be effective, yet results from a Chinese trial point in the other direction; Chinese academics find themselves at the center of a fresh plagiarism scandal; and the latest figures for the nation’s manufacturing sector.

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Apr 29, 2020

In today’s episode: Medical experts are baffled by cases where patients continue to test positive weeks after recovering; central bank ramps up its fight against money laundering; and Zijin Mining seeks a new golden opportunity after losing Papa New Guinea mine.

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Apr 28, 2020

In today’s episode:  Virus creates headaches for remaining P2P lenders; domestic luxury goods market shows signs of bouncing back; and ChiNext's plan to switch to a registration-based IPO system.


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Apr 27, 2020

In today’s episode: Losses on a crude oil futures investment product could leave many mom and pop investors deep in debt; what the German Ambassador has to say about the Covid-19 pandemic; and the government gives the go-ahead to live hog futures trading.


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Apr 26, 2020

Covid-19 has not only unleashed a public health crisis in China, but also all sorts of economic chaos. While the nation appears to be getting back on its feet as the domestic outbreak subsides, the economy is far from fully healed. Millions of small businesses and households remain in limbo, while unemployment is on the...